Asset Management for School Systems

Track your school’s IT assets, furniture, even books.

Whether your school system has one campus or many, chances are you are tracking your valuable assets either manually or with bar codes.  Assets such as laptops, projectors, tablets, books, monitors, furniture and other fixed assets.

The RFID technology built into PADtrax fully automates the entire inventory process, and keeps track of the location and movement of your valuable assets. No more crawling under desks, climbing on ladders, or opening cabinets to locate something.

With PADtrax, you can:


  1. Tag your assets with an RFID tag or label (Unlike bar codes, RFID technology does not require line of sight and can read multiple tags at one time.)
  2. An RFID reader “sees” all identified tags within its adjustable range with the click of a button, returning asset information to the database.
  3. Tag information is cross-referenced against the assigned physical location.
  4. Assets are recorded as present, missing or relocated.

Can you school system benefit from PADtrax RFID solutions?

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