Introducing PADtrax RFID Solutions

Personnel, Assets, and Document tracking

PADtrax™ RFID tracking systems make use of leading RFID technology to quickly and affordably tag and track your most valuable assets. Who needs PADtrax?

Law Enforcement uses it to manage and track evidence, weapons and complete chain of custody.

Fire Departments use PADtrax to track equipment and the location of firefighters at the scene. It supports the Command Center, the Incident Commander, and the Safety Officer.

First Responders count on PADtrax to identify equipment, victims, resources and triage centers at the scene of an accident or disaster.

Schools Boards use it to manage computers and other assets- even books- for easy and reliable tracking and inventory management.

Most organizations own valuable assets which they inventory with some frequency. Whether it’s the inventory of a wine cellar or collection of artifacts, PADtrax is your state-of-the-art asset management tool to:

PADtrax solutions are written and developed in-house by our own experts, allowing us the flexibility to customize them to your organization’s needs.

If it’s important and valuable, you need PADtrax to track it.

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