Track firefighters, equipment and gear at the scene or in the station.

Locate equipment and gear at the scene: PADtrax will streamline the process of identifying all equipment prior to leaving the scene. With a quick scan of the rig, the PADtrax RFID reader device will tell Incident Commanders and other officers what equipment or gear is missing.

Streamline Equipment Checks: Whether returning from a scene or conducting daily equipment checks during shift changes, PADtrax helps inventory everything from rig equipment and supplies to the firefighter’s personal gear. The system also tracks when equipment is due for testing or replacement, pushing out an email notification when checking hoses for pressure and other important tests need to be conducted.

Personnel Accountability: PADtrax will track personnel at the station, and give accounts of who is entering and exiting the building, and at what time. By 2014, PADtrax will have the ability to track firefighters at an active emergency scene, giving Incident Commanders and Safety Officers the critical information they need about the location of firefighters at the time spent in the hot zone of the scene.

No matter how your fire department deploys PADtrax, the system has the ability to generate customizable reports that can be generated to monitor and locate inventory and assets in real-time. Your personnel can locate inventory by item, location or inventory group, improving inventory control and accountability.

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