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Real-Time Inventory Helps Responders Deploy Efficiently

RFID helps coordinate and disseminate supplies.

When disaster strikes, local towns, communities, states and relief organizations are the first to respond with supplies and equipment to help the residents.

"Relief supplies come pouring in from around the world, but when you are on the ground, you don't know what is arriving and you can't call anyone. I've seen millions of dollars-worth of life-saving drugs spoil on the tarmac of an airport, because no one knew what was in the cartons and didn't distribute it."

With RFID tagging and tracking, disaster relief coordinators and other team members can keep track of supplies and inventory levels as they are deployed. At some emergency scenes, it is also critical to track the victims and the responders. Our PADtrax experts were recently invited to participate in a National Guard event with a staged disaster scene. We successfully used PADtrax RFID tags and antennas to track responders and victims throughout the scene.


When there’s a disaster, you need PADtrax RFID on your team!

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